Getting smashed at Draper’s Smashburger & GIVEAWAY!

I will be honest. Reviewing Smashburger in Draper was my third experience with the restaurant. I walked into another location a year or so ago, saw the menu by the door and walked right out. Why? Because the first burger I read on the menu said “American cheese.” If you need to know anything about me, it is I like American cheese almost as much as Kristina likes Mario Lopez. So, it wasn’t until a good friend, Emily Hill, treated me to lunch one day that I came to love Smashburger. If you need to know one other thing, love doesn’t come for free; you have got to sell me, and sell me Smashburger did.


It wasn’t just the amazing decor or the clean lines, clean restaurant and friendly staff. Although, if you take a look below, Emily and I may have been a little excited about the eye candy that was, as we lovingly referred to him, “Tom, the Silver Fox.”  Actually, Tom is a very nice looking, older, married man, but that aside we enjoyed hearing how excited Smashburger was about their work in the community and especially working with a number of schools giving free meals to students. As a mother, I know and understand how important it is for my children to accomplish goals, and if it wasn’t for a business like Smashburger providing a reward for them once the goal was accomplished, it wouldn’t be as sweet.  Kudos to Smashburger for all of their local community support.



Tom was kind enough to snap some photos of me smashing. (Although, you can see he found the other Sassies a bit more appealing. Either that or my camera is uber complicated to maneuver. I’ll assume the latter.) Yes, they really smash the burgers. How else did you think they got their name? Honestly, I had no idea why it was called Smashburger. Now I do, and so do you.


After a smashing good time in the back, it was time to create my own burger, which was my favorite part. I get to include what I want, exclude what I hate, and make the best burger in the world for me. So, what did I try? 1/3lb burger on the egg bun, Swiss cheese, fried egg, bacon, guacamole, and chipotle sauce. It was phenomenal and I am a HUGE burger snob. This one is at the top of the list.


Let’s not forget the cookies and cream shake. I am yet another snob when it comes to shakes and this one has real Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Be still my beating heart.


Unlike another Sassy, I actually adored the sweet potato fries. I loved the rosemary fries as well; if I wasn’t on such an anti-carb diet at the moment I would have devoured my fries and everyone else’s. The haystack onions were no less than incredible as well as the dipping sauce. I am still not sure what that was, but I could have eaten it with my finger.


Cheesy, I know, but let me leave you with one tip: Try Smashburger in Draper; it just might change your life, or at least the part of your life where burgers, cheese, and fries are concerned.

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