Say hello to our new sponsor, Yogurtland!

If you’re from California, Las Vegas or Arizona you have most likely heard of Yogurtland. Yogurtland has taken the frozen yogurt world by storm and garnered a very loyal following. No wonder Michael Alger and James Schaaf decided to open a Yogurtland in Utah!

At night the lines are out the door at the new Orem location (across from University Mall next to Rubio’s)—proof that this frozen yogurt is the new local favorite! California, Las Vegas and Arizona transplants have flocked to the shop and are getting their Utah friends hooked as well!

When Yogurtland of Orem became our newest sponsor, their goal was to introduce moms to the sweetness of their yogurt—and their low pricing—and keep the yogurt flowing during daytime hours. You know, the hours between 11am and 4pm when you’re looking for something to do with your kids because they’re driving you crazy you love them so much.

A few of us visited Yogurtland in Orem to see how it compared to other Utah frozen yogurt shops…with six kids in tow. We were surprised to find out:

  • How inexpensive it is for kids. Our kids’ bowls (a good size that would fill them up) of frozen yogurt with toppings only cost $1 to $1.50. That is as much as a kid’s cone at a fast food restaurant and even less than a cupcake at a local bakery!
  • How inexpensive it is for grownups. We didn’t feel guilty eating it because of the price and all but one of the options is non-fat. Our very full cups cost between $3.00 and $4.00.
  • How fun a place it is for hanging out with or without kids. Yogurtland is roomy, doesn’t have breakable things that would make you feel guilty if your kids acted like…well…KIDS while eating their frozen yogurt. It really would be a fun place to meet other moms for a treat with the kids. OR it would be fun to grab a sitter and run away with some girlfriends to get some yogurt like grownups do sometimes.

But what about the TASTE? The QUALITY? The customer service? The variety? We put all those to the test, and in a few weeks we will tell you all about it!

Until then you should try it so you can join in during our review week with YOUR opinions. And because we (Yogurtland and the Sassies) love you so much, we have the perfect opportunity for you to do so:

Yogurtland in Orem, Utah is offering readers the tastiest of BOGO (buy one get one) deals!

Visit between the hours of 11am and 4pm and you’ll get a free frozen yogurt for every yogurt you buy! Just click on the image below (or click here) to print your coupon!

(Offer expires April 30, 2011…get your fill of froyo while you can!)

Yogurtland of Orem is located at:

534 E. University Parkway
Orem, UT 84097

Yogurtland Facebook:
Yogurtland Orem Twitter:

Another reason to stay tuned? As our sponsor they will have AWESOME deals and coupons for our readers!

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