Our sassy & spooky girls’ night out (a recap)

Because we took a little vacay during the holidays, our recap of our Halloween girls’ night out is a bit overdue, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a super fun evening full of good food, games, prizes, new friends and a tour of Jordan Valley Medical Center’s new Breast Care Center.

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We loved hosting a Halloween party and seeing everyone arrive in costume. I don’t think we saw any repetitive outfits in the entire group!

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SassyScoops Halloween GNO

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And of course there was plenty of partying to go around. (We like it that way!)

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SassyScoops Halloween GNO

We were all exhausted by night’s end (some of us more than others).

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We have lots of fun photos from that evening, including shots of the great appetizers the Breast Care Center provided for our little shindig. You can view them all and get some costume ideas for 2012 here.

As for the Breast Care Center, I don’t know that our guests knew what to expect when it came to the short presentation by Dr. Jane Porretta, medical director at the center, but her presentation was awesome. She spent just a few minutes helping all of us “think pink” (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month) and talked about the signs of breast cancer in thirty-something year-old women and the importance of early detection.

SassyScoops Halloween GNO

Believe you me, that early detection is super important.

Many of the ladies went on a tour of the new Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley, which truly is amazing.

Jordan Valley Medical Center

I was able to tour it in June and wrote a post about my experience including photos to try and show off its spa-like atmosphere (an important aspect of the center). My favorite part of it all? Having a nurse advocate who works with you and the doctors. It sort of streamlines everything. And that’s another awesome thing about the center: seriously reduced wait time on tests.

You can get a behind-the-scenes look at the center and read more info about it in my original post on isthisREALLYmylife.com.

Can you tell we had a really, really good time. It didn’t hurt we had some fabulous prizes: Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes and cake bites, Utah Truffles gift baskets, jars of delicious candy and even a gift card from Fotofly for one of their new outdoor sessions.

SassyScoops GNO, Kim Orlandini Photography002

Oh, how we love to party!

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Now the Sassies are back from their holiday break and already have some great local business reviews for SassyScoops.com. Next week we’ll feature One Sweet Slice, a new bakery in South Jordan. It was divine. DIVINE.

Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

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