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Cupcake ChicWith all the fabulous cupcakeries in Utah it’s our job to review as many as we can for readers. I know, I know, it’s a tough gig but someone’s got to do it! A few months back we featured Provo’s The Sweet Tooth Fairy; this week we bring you Springville’s fabulous Cupcake Chic!

Owned by a mother and daughter team, Cupcake Chic was the end result of the gals’ “cupcake quest”—a search across country for the tastiest cupcake that began after a visit to New York City’s famous Magnolia Bakery in 2005. Cupcake Chic opened its doors in 2007 and has quickly become a favorite among Utahns. In fact, I ran into Cupcake Chic at a recent Tai Pan girls’ night out event and soon learned their mini cakes will be a permanent fixture in Tai Pan’s Orem and Sandy locations! This is good news for those of us in Salt Lake County without a location for purchasing individual Cupcake Chic treats.

Honestly, the Tai Pan thing is no surprise. This all-cupcake bakery offers customers an impressive selection of mini cakes made with the finest ingredients. Don’t believe me? Check out their flavors:

Cupcake Chic flavors

Yeah, try choosing just one. One Wednesday and Friday of this week’s feature you’ll discover the Sassies couldn’t help but try multiple flavors…

Cupcake Chic cakes

Along with your indulgent individual servings, Cupcake Chic is also a great option for any event where you’d like to offer guests a decadent treat (and where catering will save your sanity)—think weddings, baptisms, mission farewells, baby blessings and baby showers. You can also impress loved ones by thinking outside the candy box and inside the cupcake box; give Cupcake Chic cupcakes instead of flowers or candy on special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

And get this: Cupcake Chic delivers! For $5 (Utah County) or $10 (Salt Lake County) you can get your cupcake fix daily if need be. Cupcake Chic even delivers to the MTC and BYU students on campus. To heck with the ol’ candygram; if it were me I’d go with the cupcake-gram!

You can learn more about Cupcake Chic on their website. You can also follow Cupcake Chic on Facebook and Twitter.

Return on Wednesday for our official Cupcake Chic taste-testing and the firs of what I’m sure are many photos of the gals stuffing their faces with decadent mini cakes!

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