Malawi’s Pizza review by Lindsey Petersen

Today’s entry comes from the adorable Lindsey Petersen, aka “The Linz.” She blogs at The Icing On the Cake.  Please enjoy her entry video and her review of Malawi’s Pizza in Provo.

Food That Multi-Tasks? We Already Have So Much in Common!

I tend to be a stickler for logos. You know what I mean – you drive past a new local restaurant with great design and fabulous signage and you dedicate yourself to getting inside as soon as you have a free moment. Imagine your increased excitement when you learn that not only does this particular restaurant have great taste but they’re also directly linked to a cause that benefits Africa, therefore they’re proactively socially conscious. Take it one step further (I know, it seems impossible) and find yourself salivating at your computer screen when you find that the food they create is not only healthy but incredibly delicious! It’s almost too much to handle. Have I even mentioned that there is pizza involved here?!

Nestled in The Shops at Riverwoods, near the mouth of the beautiful Provo Canyon, Malawi’s Pizza is a unique restaurant dedicated to “it’s customers and to an outstanding charity. This “Pizza with a Purpose” has three main objectives:

  • To feed others. (For every meal sold, they donate a nutritious meal to a child in Malawi, Africa and on February 17, 2011 they had already hit 25,000 meals)
  • To feed us with healthier ingredients. (premium pepperoni, lower fat cheeses, freshly made sauces, thin crusts with the option of white, wheat or even gluten free)
  • To taste so delicious you’ll wish you were there morning, noon, and night! (traditional pizzas, specialty pizzas, build-your-own, pastas, salads and INCREDIBLE desserts)

The Scoop:

My first visit to this restaurant left me wide-eyed and very impressed. The atmosphere is classy and casual, in just the right mix. Through the main entrance you’re met with a beautiful hand-blown glass sculpture and several steps later you find the Coca Cola fountain. I considered moving in before I even tasted the food! So much to enjoy – the artwork, the setup where you can watch the cooks prepare your entire meal – including a look into the huge brick oven, and the beautiful photographs and continuous video feed of the people in Malawi. It’s easy to come for dinner and spend several hours chatting without interruption.

Question: What did you like the most?:

This is really hard for me to pin-point. I love unlimited Coke Zero, I love African art (just ask anyone that knows me), I love blown glass (as I dabble it in myself), and I love good food that’s healthy, unique, affordable, and delicious. I also love a place that isn’t rushing you out the door so they can fill your table with the next customer. Yup, that’s what I liked most.

Question: What did you like least?:

This is a trick question! Because you order your food and then seat yourself, the food is delivered by a runner. Because you don’t have a waiter or waitress, you have to fill your own drinks. Granted, I love the fact that you can spend as much time as you’d like, I also get a tiny bit of anxiety each time I have to leave the table mid-conversation to refill my drink. (Can you guys please just not say a word until I get back?) While it’s something I don’t love, it’s not something I’d want them to change.

Question: Would you refer Malawi’s Pizza to a friend?:

Yes…. and I do just about any opportunity I can.

Question: If you could only send out one tweet about the business, what would you say?

#MalawisPizza in #Provo – get there as soon as possible. Delicious food with a great purpose. I’ll meet you there!

Here is the official @linzlinzlinz rating for Malawi’s Pizza in The Shops at Riverwoods, Provo, Utah..

Family friendly

Have an empty stomach? Find your way to this restaurant and leave with a full stomach, a full heart, and a smile.

4801 North University Avenue
Provo, UT, 84604

Monday – Thursday 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday 11am – 10pm
Closed Sunday

Price range:
Around $10 per entree (kids meals around $4)

Great for groups, families, couples, kids, and everyone in between!

Lindsey Miller Petersen:

Wife to one, mother to four, friend to tons. Life aficionado and  experienced fun facilitator. Lover and active participant in the fine arts and culinary world. East coast native, travel addict, talented multi-tasker, and total and complete spaz doing some cool things with Social Media and JetBlue Airways – along with a whole lotta other things on the side.

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