The Sassies close up shop has had a long run: 3 years, 20 different Sassies, countless guest Sassies, girls’ nights out and over 100 features on local places here in Utah.

Emily and I (Vanessa) just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you for reading our features, thank you for trying out the places we suggested, thank you for your feedback, thank you for your support and thank you for supporting LOCAL BUSINESS.

With one of us having another child and moving out of the country and the other continuing to be more and more busy with growing children and career opportunities, we sadly need to close up shop. There will be no more posts on

The reason we put so much time, work and heart into this site is because we believe in local. We believe in community, we believe in supporting those around us, we believe it is essential to help all of us thrive. We think it is an important and beautiful part of our country, and the movement to put more importance into it continues to need your help and support.

Your local community, business owners, farmers, shops, restaurants, etc. NEED YOU.
Please always consider supporting local, it is so vitally important for you to do so.

Thank you for everything,

Vanessa Brown ( & Emily Hill (

P.S. We always wanted to design our “quick guide” so you could quickly and easily browse all the places we have featured. We never got around to it but in our very last post (this post), I have linked to all the reviews, added the city where they are located and split them into categories: Food, Shopping, Family Activities, Wellness, Photography & Other.

You can find them all below.







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