Utah TRAX Giveaway!

A couple weeks ago TRAX invited some of the Sassies to be part of the first group to ride their newest line. You can read the news story here on that. But let’s first share what some of us thought of it. Then (most importantly), we’ll announce the giveaway!

Sassy Vanessa Brown took her three girls and these are some of the things she had to say. “The girls love TRAX. It is a special treat for them to ride “the train” to downtown and do something fun. It is even better when we invite some friends to come along. Obviously at this time in my life I don’t use TRAX for commuting but I really hate driving downtown when it is super busy AND even though I’m a grown woman, I still cannot parallel park so the TRAX line is well needed sometimes in my life….I really do wish that the TRAX stop was closer to the Daybreak “downtown.” That really would have been nice for the restaurants and shops to have people closer to support those businesses. I also have an issue with how I *thought* TRAX was too expensive for our family. But it turns out that I have been buying tickets for my kids for 5 years that I didn’t need to be buying. Yep, that is right. You don’t pay for kids 6 or under…I have always had a good experience with TRAX. It’s always kept very clean and always runs on time.”

Sassy Emily Hill shares her fun experience: “I admit I don’t use public transportation as much as I should. I’m guessing it has to do with taking a bus to and from work during college. The trip took nearly an hour one way and I was only traveling a handful of miles. That combined with an experience years later (two kids plus newborn plus stroller in a packed TRAX train during the holidays) has me nearly breaking out in hives when I think of boarding a train going anywhere…But thanks to a recent UTA Mom Aboard event, I got my butt out of my minivan and took the kids on a test ride of UTA’s new Mid-Jordan TRAX line…The only thing I thought odd was how far away the Daybreak Parkway Station was from SoDa Row. It would be a long haul with or without kids in tow, but perhaps they’ll install moving sidewalks from the station to the shops….Even without the taffy, train hat and train whistle, I’d have been impressed with the new TRAX line and the serious effort UTA is putting into connecting north, south, east and west in our great state of Utah. I may even attempt a TRAX ride with the kids to the Salt Lake City Library…”

A Past “Guest” Sassy Rebecca Wright said, “I love public transportation with all my heart.  I realize that’s a strange thing to love (and even stranger to love it with all my heart) but it’s true….I have used TRAX several times when going downtown, but that’s really all I’ve used it for because, well, it didn’t really GO anywhere else!  But that’s all about to change in a couple days.  I am so excited to know I have the option to take public transportation to more places and I am sure I’ll use it more often than I do now.  Riding the train is quite fun, you know….I still wish public transportation would take me anywhere I want to go like it does in New York City, but until that day happens, I’ll watch with excitement at all the new things UTA is making happen.  This is only the beginning and I’m excited to see where it goes!

“Retired” Sassy Evonne Sell had this to say about the event: “When UTA asked me to come ride the new Mid-Jordan TRAX line I couldn’t resist saying yes…my daughter has been talking about riding the bus ever since her school field trip in May, and I can’t remember the last time I took her on TRAX…It was fun making memories with my kids and it helped that the train stopped at one our favorite hot spots where we had lunch!  I am definitely a fan of public transportation, and since they are making TRAX in my neck of the woods now…there will be a lot more train trips!

RIDE UTA is giving away one pass for 4 people to ride TRAX for free!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below.

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Giveaway ends Saturday, August 5th, at midnight.

All SassyScoops winners are notified via email.

P.S. On August 3rd (prior to its grand opening on August 7th), the public can ride the new Mid-Jordan and West Valley lines. UTA is partnering with the Utah Food Bank to “let food be your fare” that day. Those boarding at one of the new stations will be encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item. Rides will begin at 9:00 a.m. and both lines will offer 15-minute service for the entire day in addition to other festivities at the stations.

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