Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City

It has been only a couple years since I visited Tracy Aviary but I was so surprised by how much it has changed!

First let me tell you about the aviary. Tracy Aviary is a world of birds; I tell my kids that it is the “bird zoo.” The aviary has more than 135 species and 400 individual birds on display and covers 8 acres. They also have daily bird shows and bird feedings and fun classes. I always tell other moms that I enjoy it much more than the actual zoo because it is very shaded there. The kids can roam around more and it feels so much cleaner!

Like I said, it has changed so much since I was last there. The building where the welcome desk, ticket desk, gift shop, inside kids station are has been spruced up quite a bit. The grounds, which were always clean and well taken care of, have been stepped up quite a few notches. Also the inside exhibits flow so well and are extremely clean and welcoming. The interactive informational signs on the birds are written well and are clean, durable and kid friendly.

Things are divided up in different ways, one of them being by “region” so they have a South American Pavilion inside area and an outdoor Argentinian room designed to make you feel like you are standing outside a home. Then they have an Owl Forest, Marshes Land section and many more places.

Tracy Aviary

589 East 1300 South  Salt Lake City, UT 84105

(801) 596-8500

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We also wanted to quickly mention their kids classes, specifically their Preschool and Kintergarden classes starting this fall. The classes are offered every other week over a three-month period. Each class will run as a weekday session and a Saturday session. Classes feature a special bird visitor, a fun craft or activity, a snackand an engaging story connecting with the age-appropriate themes. All are designed for parents to attend and participate with their children. Classes can be taken in the full series of six or registered for individually. You can get more information on them here.

Check back on Wednesday to hear what the other ladies thought of Tracy Aviary.

Everyone brought their kiddos, and while I have 3 really mellow girls, some of the other Sassies have older kids and boys. They just might have a completely different take on the place than I do. Stay tuned!

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