The Sassies take on The Front–or rather, the wall

Somehow it ended up the only Camille and I were able to actually try out the whole indoor bouldering thing at The Front Climbing Club in Salt Lake City. Michelle had some excuse about being eight months pregnant. Steph was all like “I’m deathly afraid of heights,” and Veronica faked some sort of broken bone thing. Whatever. Camille and I took one (or is it two?) for the team, donned some stylin’ workout clothes and slipped our feet into recently (I hope) Lysoled shoes.


Chalked up and ready to go, we took on the bunny slope of The Front’s indoor bouldering wall: the yellow circle. And the yellow circle is where we stayed the entire time. Heck, we didn’t even make it up some of those deceptive little round stickers! But it wasn’t for lack of trying:

Seth, our tour guide and impromptu trainer, tried to explain to us the basics of climbing:

  • It’s all in how you use your legs, not your arms. (Try telling that to Camille’s and my painfully sore forearms. They were sore for DAYS.)
  • It’s all about your body’s quadrants and balancing those quadrants and utilizing opposing quadrants. (What the…?!?!)
  • It takes a very, very long time to learn the fine art of bouldering. (I believe it. So does Camille.)
  • When all else fails it’s a good thing those mats are super soft. (Trust me.)

Of course Camille and I never did this:


…but we pretended like we did.


Perhaps with a few more trips to The Front (this time to the Ogden location to check out the fabulous new digs)…

Front Ogden Sassy Scoops 20th lincoln ave

…we too will be climbing nearly upside down with only chalk dust separating us from the wall and sudden death. (Okay, not sudden death but it makes for a better story.)

With winter around the corner, you should definitely plan a family trip to either of The Front’s locations. An hour or two on the yellow circles followed by an hour or two on blue (or black) diamonds sounds like the perfect cold-weather day to me (though your body may not thank you).

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