Tracy Aviary is for the birds (and kids)

Tracy Aviary has been a fixture in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park since 1938.  Its 8 acres are home to over 400 birds.  FOUR HUNDRED!!!


(Have we discussed my irrational fear of birds?  No?  Well, they scare me.  Especially the one that goes nuts in my dryer vent every single morning.  And the one that laid eggs in my barbecue.  I start screaming and slamming doors to give them notice to vacate the premises about 5 minutes before I head in their direction.)


Where was I?  Oh yeah…


I’m proud to report that I was not freaked out even once.  I didn’t run screaming in fear (though a few of the ducks did when my boys started chasing after them).  Tracy Aviary is safe and human friendly. Open-mouthed smile


Tracy Aviary is open 363 days a year (only closing for Thanksgiving and Christmas) and offers daily Free-Flight Encounters and Keeper Talks.



They also have great classes for kids, specifically their Pre-K/K series.  The information on those classes, along with upcoming dates and registration can be found here.  As a mom who will (finally) have everyone except my youngest in school full time this year, I’m definitely looking forward to their fall schedule.


There was much rejoicing from my motley crew when we finally spotted the flamingos.


There was slightly less rejoicing when one of them stuck his hand in some bird poop shortly afterwards.  Just between you and me, he TOTALLY deserved it.  Karma at its finest, my friends.



It’s funny that I didn’t “get” this sculpture until we got home and looked at the pictures.  The bird shadows on the ground are delightful, no?


Though I haven’t been to the aviary this century, I thought it was pleasant and well maintained.  It will be less than a century before our next visit, I’m sure.

Tracy Aviary

589 East 1300 South  Salt Lake City, UT 84105

(801) 596-8500

Facebook here

Twitter here

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